Monthly Archives: February 2012


Sometimes I just don’t wanna pour wax on them, but then I am not just seeking pretty pictures. I could do this all day long and it would not say what I am trying to say so I can’t stop...
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So I heard Dr. Joseph Lowry speak at my church this morning, that is one engaging and funny man. He spoke poignantly about the profile of the black community and I felt strongly about the message. At one point he...
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Inner-Luddite license

Today I had a outstanding discussion around my work with a local curator. He liked my art but I think I realized that I am happiest when it works as a cultural touchstone. When it connects at a lizard brain...
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I think that my Exercise in Restraint series can be distilled to one simple question, can Democracy save the poor? Do we have to rely upon Socialism or Communism to bring equal opportunity to the disenfranchised? Do the masses have...
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Making Art

I just watched Bravo Work of Art finale again after meeting Bayate the other night. I admired his spinning video art and his mirrored side portraits. I realized how skilled all of these young artists are and how they all...
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