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The story of planet Seeyall.

Planet Seeyall was plagued by dissension.  Multiple regional religions, offshoots of those religions, factions within those offshoots, and sects within those factions had developed over millennia.   All of them agreed on only one fact, theirs was the ultimate and only truth.

Initially there were ample resources to accommodate these various religious groups with very little strife except for an occasional all-out-war and the odd genocide.   As the planet population grew, they believed that the only way to reconcile the apportionment of dwindling resources was not to control consumption or population, but to establish once and for all the existence of God.

It was believed that if God’s existence was established, then his intentions could be known, and the Seeyallarians could leave their planet behind for someone else to clean up, with their ascension to some other perfect habitat that did not have the monstrous defect of being limited or finite.  They devoted themselves to the discipline of [technical-mystic-myopia], and as luck would have it, they were successful.

The Seeying Eyes, as they were called, perhaps not surprisingly, were constructed and shared across the entire populace to focus on God’s every move as he went about altering the universe and managing the outcomes of major sporting events.  Unfortunately, given their unique individual vantage points, despite the overwhelmingly successful Seeying Eyes, Seeyallarians did still see God slightly differently.  As a result, the actual confirmation of God’s existence simply led to multiple interpretations of his intentions.  In other words, his intentions were still subject to intentional distortion.  As a result, every person, man, woman, and child, became obsessed with the viewing of God, ignoring interpersonal relationships, sporting events, and a subset of social media.

With the absence of sports, drama, personal interaction, or aspirations, the planet Seeyall became a very boring place.  God became a little distant, not that he wasn’t already pretty distant, but it caused the scrutiny of God to become a little less scrutable.  So intent was the focus of the inhabitants of Seeyall, that they ran the danger of their Seeying Eyes drying out so they committed to a constant unremitting moisturizing campaign.  The drain on the limited sources of moisture was immense and the planet dried out in short order, and yadda, yadda, yadda; planetwide catastrophe and the like, and the whole planet became infected with Pinkeye.

It was pretty close to over for planet Seeyall,  when one child learned to blink.  He developed the fortitude to close his eye to the existence of God and thought briefly for himself about his own existence.

He is now attempting to teach the forgotten art of blinking to others.

It remains to be seen, under the remains.


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