Monthly Archives: December 2013


sometimes it seems as if people are charging ahead trying to become more stylized versions of themselves. Particularly talented people....
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A theme that has evolved out of my obsession to depict digital in an analog medium is that there is an interplay of both analog and digital as well as modern tools and anachronistic or obsolete mediums.  My digital tools...
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Evolution of the Artist’s Brain

  I believe that the skills required by artists are evolving as our tools evolve.  The distinction between left brain and right brain that I was brought up to believe are obsolete.  They are a cop-out.  Young artists that work...
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Sex and Death

I think that as a product of my upper middle class upbringing in New York and Atlanta that I am in some ways tilted off-kilter towards irony and sarcasm.  My urbane skepticism ordained with wit and creativity has tended towards...
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