Monthly Archives: January 2014


Couple of art contests that I was accepted into this week, both fun for different reasons…  ...
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Equal Parts

Critique is a healthy recurrent part of my practice.  I work in a very isolated environment so getting out every once in a while to show my Work In Process to respected individuals is really important for me to adjust...
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Sex and Death

Back to my theme of Sex and Death: It was Yeats that said that the only subjects that should be compelling to a studious mind are sex and death.  So it is with my work and its evolution. It has...
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color interference

Well I’m sure it isn’t new but it is new to me so that is all that matters I guess.  I have started using a color interference technique with overlaying saturated colors to give a dichroic sheen to my highlights....
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Light and Lenticulars

Installation art and interactive art was birthed in the 90’s and has become de rigueur  for galleries and museums in the competition for ever more immersive and elaborate art experiences to draw crowds to their institutions.  With digital media and...
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