I’m thinking that Prozac is a necessary art expense, wonder if I could right if off?.  Every day I try on a different mood like picking out my clothes (actually my clothes at this point exhibit much less variety than my mood swings).

I believe that what you do shapes how you think.  When I was an Assembler programmer, I thought in short logical acronyms (inside joke to myself).  Actually my favorite Assembler quip was the existence of the ILE command (Ignore Logic and Execute).  Now everyone that remembers that joke is snorting all at once and the hurricane that results may just be strong enough to wipe out a malicious butterfly in China, but only just.

I do believe that when I was a programmer in my early days, I was more methodical and logical.  This is by way of saying that now that I’m an artist, I have naturally blossomed into an emotional basket case as a rite of passage.  I had no idea how hard this was going to be.

However, today is a good day.  I woke up thinking that perhaps, perhaps, lenticular art is the ideal medium for digital artistic expression.  What better way to realize and hang a gif?  No wires, unless you are backlighting.  Totally portable.  Physical and permanent expression of digital dreams that requires the viewer to interact and is impossible to reproduce online – ever seen a good 3d hologram embedded in a web page without glasses on?  Wasn’t it better when you passed your hand through it?  Anachonistic? Sure.  Limited? Yup, but what medium isn’t. It stops people from walking and makes them physically back up, which in this day and age is  a huge get when people most often scroll through art with their thumbs!

Fact is there is plenty of space that is unexplored with this medium because it is not a mainstay of digital art…yet.  There are kickstarters popping up to fund cheap printing of gif’s online so that anyone can realize their favorite gif’s.  But just like the fact that forgers can paint a Rembrandt, and photographs can be printed on canvas online, art is not the medium; digital or analog.

So today I feel ahead of the curve in trying to reinvent a medium that has been around 70 years.  I suppose it could be more challenging, I could be trying to get ahead of the curve in a medium that has been around since the fifth century, oil painting.

I am completely pumped to get the new shipment today.  I have perhaps 15 pieces for the show in April in NOLA at AKG, and a few that are going to the Artfields competition, and some that are off to Vegas.   They are mounted on welded aluminum which has made all the difference, and they are optionally backlit.  I’m happy with most of them which is hopefully a high bar.

I guess this blog is replacing my art diary, which I is either the beginnings of a poorly written Shakespearean tragedy or simply frivolous, ignorant musings of a middle aged artist (here’s hoping for the latter – yayy!).  I’m thankful that no one really reads these posts, this stuff is getting embarrassing.  Thank God the Internet is so private and I have nothing to hide…<insert NSA targeted HTML tags here/>

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