Monthly Archives: April 2014

Tech Obsessed

New technology or art that is significantly dependent upon technology for realization is always in danger of losing its purpose.  Like any movie that sacrifices story to cgi, a piece of art that relies solely upon the newness or its...
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Self Taught

People that are “self-taught” know what a ridiculous that monniker is.  We are all self-taught.  I knew a few really good technology executives that didn’t even graduate high school.  They picked up a book, learned to code, and kept learning....
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unique permanence

Lenticulars, like holograms, are impossible to copy.  Unless you have the source images, there is no reproducing them, there is no forgery possible.  Also, once they are printed, they are relatively unique and ephemeral.  The algorithms change over time in...
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I believe that Freud was more right than wrong. We all yearn to fuck and be fucked in return. We all yearn for Hypnos and Thanatos eventually. We dismiss the yearning for Thanatos because most of us do not live...
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